You all wish t look great at the wedding and night before the wedding. Yes, you know what I am talking about, it’s hens night party. The secret to gorgeous hair is all in the prep and hens products. From shampoos to conditioners, these top performers get out top marks. Perhaps there’s no time when your hair will beg for pampering more than the months leading up to your wedding day.


If you want a new colour or cut, plan at least three to four months out from the day – this gives you time to try things out. If your locks are damaged, improving the condition before colouring reduces the risk of an uneven dye-job. A new hue also means you’ll need new products, as colour processing affects hair condition adversely – more so if you go lighter.

Deal of the day Cosmetic surgery

Tip: Medical tourism is the key

Our clients combine discovering a new country in the heart of Europe, where medical care is of a high standard. When it comes to money, generally speaking a client can save up to 50% of the hair transplant costs. High quality  for 50% off, with all inclusive travel package.


All hair types benefit from regular in-salon conditioning treatments. It’s worth paying to have a salon treatment every time you colour – the conditioning results are amazing. A salon offers four treatment options to condition your locks and brighten your colour. It’s topped off with a divine head massage which will leave you asking ‘what wedding stress?’.

However, don’t have any last-minute treatments that could work against you. Freshly washed hair struggles to hold a style. Get the okay from your stylist, particularly if you want a textured hairstyle on the day, as over-conditioned locks can’t achieve that worn-in look.

Problem: Fading colour, or dull locks

Styling solution: The main causes of colour loss are over-washing and environmental damage from the sun and sea. If you regularly spend time in the elements, consider wearing a headscarf or hat to protect you mane. Applying conditioner to dampened hair before brushing with the paddle hair brush or hitting the pool or ocean also stops hair cuticles from absorbing chlorinated or salty water.



Choose shampoo formulated without sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) or ammonium laureth sulfate (ALES) as these detergents can strip colour. Shampoo and conditioner which enhance colour is a great bathroom addition, as the result is subtle and temporary. Alternating between these will make costly salon visits less frequent.